About us

Our commission from the Lord is to “spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ….everywhereeverywhere”, according to 2 Corinthians 2:14.

This mandate is to bring our viewers into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Word of GodWord of God – undiliuted and un-compromised.

As a Channel with a focus on dispensing the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ through satellite television broadcasting, we shall concentrate our efforts on attracting God’s remnant ministers who will bear His Word in truth. We therefore welcome Christian ministers and organisations that have a strong scriptural approach to teaching and preaching the Wordthe Word of God. Other programs, which we shall broadcast will also have this value as a foundational principle, even where those programs provide Christian entertainment or information to our viewers.

As “Africa’s Favourite Christian Satellite Television”
we will continue to host a rich blend of respected,
word based and kingdom focused preaching and teaching programmes,
Christian and family friendly entertainment,
as well as educational and informative programs,
in order to provide our viewers with the best ofbest of quality Christian programming available to us.