We give glory to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has founded this channel by a vision birthed many years ago through the ministration of the Holy Spirit. We acknowledge Him as the Founder and Finisher of this vision, hence the naming of this Channel after His final revelatory name – OMEGA.

May His Kingdom come and His will be done, till all the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ – Unto Him be all the glory and honor forever more in the Church.



Whenever God wants to do something on the earth He looks for faith in that area – where it resides on earth. We thank the Lord that He has found it in us to commit to us this great vision. Pastor Ladi Lloyd-Kuyinu was called and released into the ministry in 1995 after having served in The Household of God for 8 years.


He currently is engaged in a new apostolic work in the UK and Europe, and oversees The King’s Church, a congregation of saints in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa – a multicultural assembly, with representation from different African countries, including: South Africa, Zambia, DRC, Nigeria and Swaziland.

He has an exegetical gift in teaching the word of God with revelatory insight into the kingdom plan of God. His program, Present Truth, currently on Christian Satellite Television, including The Omega Channel, has received many testimonies from viewers across Africa.

He is assisted in Ministry by his wife Pamela, who co-pastors with him and together they also minister effectively in the area of marriage through their Marriage Lovers Ministry. They passionately share biblical principles on the joy of marriage to restore marriages in difficulty and to bless engaged or newly married couples. This ministry is accompanied by testimonies of restored and re-invigorated marriages, as the Lord uses them in a unique way



to instill Kingdom Truth into marriages.

The couple are both Chartered Accountants by training, having worked with renowned international corporate organisations in Africa. They have an intense passion to see the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed in truth, without dilution, or moving away from the central TRUTH of the message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

They have been married since February 17, 1990 and are blessed with three children.

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